Reputation is earned, not bestowed. Driven since inception by the three values of honesty, integrity and transparency, our philosophy and attitude towards business mirrors the same qualities that are religiously followed every day at Freightco India Limited.

Built on a firm foundation of trust, authenticity and next-gen creativity in serving diverse clientele spanning five decades, Freightco continues to propel itself in the 21st century towards being India's leading logistics solutions provider.

Headquartered in the Garden City of India, Bangalore, Freightco prides itself in having an extensive outreach and pan India presence, with more than 30+ offices to cater to bespoke client demands. Considering its impressive 250+ owned fleet of commercial vehicles, robust infrastructure and advanced technological logistical systems , Freightco is a one-stop services business that meets and delivers requirements and expectations to customers and corporations alike.

Freightco is an industry leading company and, at its core, is all about “the people”. We are proud of the exceptional ability of our team members who help make each and every customer interaction the best it can possibly be. We, as a company, are committed to full transparency and sound corporate governance to ensure all our stakeholders are fully informed and knowledgeable.

250+ owned fleet of commercial vehicles


30+ offices around the nation


What we Offer

Freightco helps you gain the competitive edge with immaculate planning as well as front and back-end execution for all your logistics needs.

Freightco, one of the oldest players in India, believes in the three Rs – Responsiveness, Reliability and Relationship.

Road Transport

Freightco India Limited is committed towards providing high quality and comprehensive truck load services across India. We are familiar with the notion that one of the primary vocal demands of any business commodity is to obtain efficient and hassle- free road transport services.

Warehousing and Storage

We are C & F agents for one of the largest Alco-Bev manufacturers in the world, for the state of West Bengal.

Track your consignment

A software application is under construction and shall provide the following information to our registered customers:

Dispatch details
Delivery details
Warehouse stock
Track your truck

Our Happy Clients

Why Freightco?

There’s a reason customers seek us out.Not just because we are good at what we do, but also for the relationships we build on the way to deliver!

Freightco delivers bespoke specialized transportation and logistics services for all of your needs. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on us for a safe and secure delivery anywhere in the country. We offer a broad range of transportation solutions including expedited, overnight, and deferred shipping services for all your packages and heavy-weight freight. Our internal motto is quick response to service demands.

Take advantage of our extensive service network comprising of 30+ branches experienced in the process of compliance and formalities in getting your wares delivered across the

Freightco offers a wealth of value-added technology services to help you ship more efficiently, provide better service to your customers, and help you save time and money.

Freightco is very proud to own and operate a 250+ fleet of transport carriers within the country. This benefits our clients by improving on-time delivery performance, guaranteed capacity, and reduced freight transportation costs. This also helps our customers to free-up resources so as to focus personnel and financial resources on delivering enhanced business operations.

  • Immense Industry experience including Raw Material and Pakaging Material.
  • Extensive network & strategic branch offices and agents – complete experience of compliance process & formalities .
  • Alertness across network to keep a close watch on movement of vehicles engaged – High time sensitivity! On time always!
  • Flexibility to add new offices across new locations within a few days to start service for a specific location – Quick response to service demands.
  • Close network & contact with suppliers/ dedicated fleet. We ensure provision of vehicles & transport services even in peak periods. For example, in the last week of the month when targets have to be met.
  • Advanced Systems – Freightco is investing in web-tracking systems & online access for greater customer support & easier planning.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: Our customers recommend us to others, often on their own! (As well as, repeated business from existing customers).


FIL is committed to being a customer driven organization achieving high levels of reliability, responsiveness and quality assurance through innovative management practices.


Continuous improvement in our services.

Aiming at a reduction in cost of service.

Deliver zero defect services to customers.

Motivate employees’ work for excellence.


Mission & Vision

“Providing our customers a competitive edge through superior transportation and logistics services”

  • Desire to succeed.
  • Urge to exploit our potential in every delivery, customers delight is our motto.
  • Customer relationship and nationwide reach & network.

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‘For business, as with armies, logistics can make all the difference between success and failure.’